10 Steps to Create Successful Mobile Apps for Your Organization

By Sanjay Pathak, Guest Blogger   Welcome to the app world. While an online presence is still mandatory to be relevant in business, the landscape of how information is accessed – and how commerce is conducted online – has changed.   The desktop browser is no longer a leader; mobile devices are taking over. Most…Read More

Three Holiday Marketing Campaigns to Bring in the New Year

By Jordan Watkins, Guest Blogger For many, the holidays are an exciting time of the year spent with family while retelling old stories and making new memories. It is also an exciting time of year for the marketing industry as new and unique holiday marketing campaigns are launched and become popular topics of conversation among…Read More

Creating On-Brand Promotions in Your Small Business

By Chelsea Kallman, NAMA Blogger ‘Tis the season for finding a good deal. With the holidays over, most shoppers are finished buying gifts for others, which means now they’re shopping for themselves, and everyone wants to pay the best possible price. But what if your brand is considered luxury, craft, or indie? How can you…Read More

Driving Home The Less-Is-More Lesson

By Karen Cronin, Guest Blogger | 12.8.16 Like most Nashville drivers, I spend a lot of time these days crawling along in the city’s increasingly crazy traffic, longing for some clear, open road. Stopped dead in a recent rush hour, I was struck by the number of ads for lawyers all around me. Splashed across…Read More

Time to invest in a CRM system? Here’s how to make it happen!

By Knight Stivender, Guest Blogger | 12.6.16 Are you a marketer struggling to keep up with your customers and would-be customers Are you finding it a challenge to send them the right emails in a timely fashion? Or make sure they see your digital campaigns? Do you know when they’ve visited your website, and do…Read More

How Starbucks nails (Holiday) marketing – and how to implement it in your brand

By Chelsea Kallman, NAMA Blogger | 12.4.16 Picture this: it’s Halloween weekend, and I’m kind of craving a sweet treat. I’m just having a relaxing evening, scrolling on Instagram, when up pops an advertised post from Starbucks talking up their Frappula Frappuccino. It’s a white chocolate mocha Frappuccino with strawberry sauce added to make it…Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Fay

Emily Fay Marketing Manager, Remar, Inc. Secretary (2015) Board Member at Large (2012-2013) Collegiate Relation Chair (2010-2012) What prompted you to join NAMA? I moved to Nashville in 2007 on a whim, I had no job, just my best friend from 3rd grade. As a member of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln AMA chapter…Read More

NAMA Member Brings Husker Fans Together for a Kick-off with a Cause

By Katie Soltas, NAMA Blogger | 10.30.16 Remar, Inc.’s marketing manager and longtime NAMA member, Emily Fay, simply wanted to bond with a few Nebraska Cornhusker fans during football season without leaving her new home of Nashville. What she started became more than a small group of game day buddies, but a movement that has…Read More

[PODCAST] Finding your personal value with Jennifer Way

By Chuck Bryant, Relationary Marketing | 10.27.16 Jennifer Way wants to help make marketers their own biggest advocates by revealing their personal value. “Your resume should be the Cliff Notes of your values, not a job description,” Way said. Way is a consultant and president of Way Solutions. Her company has worked with Disney, Amazon,…Read More

The Cheers Effect

By Chelsea Kallman, NAMA Blogger | 10.25. 16 Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. If the Cheers television show theme song starts playing in your head then we’re on the right track. Not only is this an incredible TV show, but it’s also a great example of why knowing your customers is…Read More

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