Existing Members — Become a Nambassador!

Joining a new group can be intimidating for everyone. We understand how scary it can be to go to a networking event by yourself. NAMA wants to draw upon the strength of our alumni to welcome prospects and new members through our new Nambassador program. A Nambassador is any NAMA member, who has been an AMA member for at least a year, who is willing to attend at least two NAMA events with the purpose of making new members feel welcome and sharing more about what joining NAMA is all about. We offer two options; Nambassador Match and Nambassador Hello.

Nambassador Match: As a Nambassador Match, you’ll be assigned a New Member to connect with. You will coordinate with your New Member to meet at two NAMA events during the year. These can be lunches, coffees, or any NAMA event that works for both of you.

Nambassador Hello: Register below for Nambassador Hello and when you attend a NAMA event, you may be asked to wear a designated Nambassador lanyard to indicate your hosting status to new members and guests.

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